Friday, 28 July 2017

When The Rain Come - Lullaby of sadness

When the rain came
It was on the afternoon
The bright sun and cloudy sky was hiding behind the gloomy sky
And the tear drop from the heaven were falling down to the earth

I was stopping
And waiting
Until the tear drop gone away
Just like my teary eyes and my broken heart
That currently singing a lullaby
A lullaby of sadness

It was the truth in the life that we can't be together
It's not because of the life
But because we aren't match
Just like a cloud are clashing to another cloud
And making a gloomy cloud
That bring tears to the earth

A lullaby of sadness always playing on my mind in every rain
The memory of you
The memory of us
Moving like a movie in my mind
Moving my bleeding heart and become more ache

Please let me move on
To the bright sun in the summer
That always shining bright on the sky

Let the cloud bring my sadness along to its journey
And never bring me back that again

Let the lullaby of sadness get away from my mind
So my soul can be heal
And I can start to feel love and loving other people
Other than you

Thursday, 16 March 2017

When The Wind Blows To My Pain

Its just weird
I keep falling and falling again
The hole become bigger and bigger
Its like that is following me

I'm hurt
I don't know why I'm always the one who hurt the most

People just keep passing in front of me
They just walk away
And they just as same as them
They called it friend
But I called it shadow

That wheel keep rolling
Up down up down
That sound of the wheel is making me angry
Why it is moving on a cycle but not me

I just see it bleeding
More blood keep coming out from my heart
It doesn't feel hurt
Its just weird

And suddenly the wind blow nicely
It feels nice at first
But it make my heart hurt

The wind blow stronger slowly
Make me suddenly feel really hurt
The blood start to coming out again
I'm keep bleeding

I don't know until when I'll survive
But until that day
I'll keep stronger
With the remain blood inside my body